Commercial vacant properties in legacy cities present both unique challenges and promise. 

Smaller legacy cities are often burdened by vacant and abandoned properties. Many resources exist to assist in dealing with residential vacancy, but few address commercial vacancy – which is just as prevalent in these cities.

This guidebook, created by the Greater Ohio Policy Center and the German Marshall Fund of the United States seeks to provide practitioners with practical knowledge on how to analyze markets, leverage legal tools to reclaim commercial properties, and find funding sources to overcome financial gaps. 

The guidebook also contains:

  • Guidance on planning & partnering for commercial revitalization
  • Advice on matching market types & strategies for commercial revitalization
  • Menu of property reuse options
  • Ways to attract & retain business tenants
  • Methods and models for managing a commercial district
  • Strategies for building markets in legacy cities

Nearly all smaller legacy cities have at least one vacant commercial property in their downtowns. This guidebook can help address these problem properties.