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In smaller legacy cities where resources are stretched thin, stakeholders need to rally around a single, achievable vision for the future.

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Smaller legacy cities are undergoing significant transformations in their economies, their populations, and their urban form. Community and strategic planning processes give communities an opportunity to have tough, but necessary, conversations about what the future might hold.

Community Engagement Toolkit ➔
Leading Inside Out and the Collective Impact Forum created a toolkit to help guide community engagement efforts, with a particular eye on equity and inclusion.

The Place Database ➔
In order to make informed decisions on where public resources should be directed, leaders must make use of all available data.

Participation Tools for Better Community Planning ➔
Community and strategic planning needs meaningful public involvement to maximize the success of the resulting plans.

Framework for Creating a Smart Growth Economic Development Strategy ➔
Smart growth economic development strategies have emerged as a successful way for postindustrial cities to anticipate and overcome challenges.

Business Economic Development Partnerships ➔
Economic development organizations that  involve key private sector leaders have proven effective in creating and shepherding strategic planning efforts.

Planetizen Small City & Legacy City Stories ➔
Planetizen is an online resource for urban planners. The website includes news stories about urban planning topics, as well as trainings and job postings that are relevant to planners.

Planning in America’s Legacy Cities ➔
Planning for smaller legacy cites requires creativity in thinking about future land use and sensitivity in respecting the needs and desires of current residents.

Shrinking Cities Reading Series ➔
How to deal with substantial population decline is a question that many smaller legacy cities will have to answer.

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