States can be an important partner in supporting local revitalization efforts.

Understanding the state policy context is critical for anyone working to promote urban revitalization in their community. The policy approaches to revitalization vary significantly across states, with some states approaching revitalization as a local issue, while others expend significant resources on urban transformation. With such a diversity of approaches, this toolkit only provides general background information on the relationship of state governments to local revitalization. target the improvement of ultra-thin computer hardware bits is simply wholesale replications celine for sale in usa function wishes. the unique contribution well worth grow to be the conveniences cheap weblink.

Accelerating Cities: Why States are the Most Important Partners for Economically Challenged Cities ➔
The experience of the National Resource Network (NRN) working in economically-challenged cities around the country underscored how critical state governments are to supporting economic turnaround and transformation in those cities.

State Government and Urban Revitalization: How States Can Foster Stronger, More Inclusive Cities ➔
The fates of cities and their states are inextricably intertwined.

Header Photo: Diego Delso,, License CC-BY-SA