Strong, vibrant downtowns are a critical asset for the entire regional economy.

Many small and midsize legacy cities have a great asset in their historic downtowns. Because the fate of central cities and their regions are so closely intertwined, downtown redevelopment should be a focus of regional revitalization efforts.

Community Reuse Property Prioritization Tool ➔
This tool is designed to help communities prioritize properties based on a specific reuse plan.

The Guidebook for Redeveloping Commercial Vacant Properties ➔
Commercial vacant properties in legacy cities present both unique challenges and promise.

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Regional Collaboration Toolkit ➔
Economies function on a regional level, so smaller legacy city stakeholders will need to work closely with partners across their region to develop and execute economic development strategies.

Main Street America ➔
Main Street America is a network 1,600 neighborhoods and commercial districts that share a commitment to building stronger communities.

Historic Preservation Tax Credits ➔
Historic buildings are assets to smaller legacy cities – but funding their renovation can be difficult.

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) ➔
Business Improvement Districts can clean up a city’s central commercial district and open the door for private investment. 

The Economic Impacts of Main Street in Michigan ➔
For every $1 invested in the statewide Main Street Center, Michigan Main Street districts saw downtown building investment of $67.

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