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Civic capacity – or the ability of a community to identify and confront shared challenges – has been weakened in many smaller legacy cities, but it is one of the most important ingredients for revitalization.

Committed and collaborative local leadership is critical for shepherding smaller legacy cities through the difficult process of revitalization. Rebuilding civic capacity and a pipeline for talent is a long-term process, but one that will help communities weather both current and future challenges.

Asset-Based Community Development Toolkit ➔
Asset-based community development (ABCD) is a model for community change that is focused on leveraging the existing strengths of a neighborhood instead of focusing on its deficiencies.

Kumu Network Mapping Tool ➔
Network maps can help identify who leaders are in a community, show how they are connected to one another, and help identify where additional representation is needed.

CCESL Community Organizing Handbook ➔
Community organizing is about building the capacity of a community to address a problem by identifying and attacking its root causes.

Place-Based Fellowships ➔
Place-based fellowship programs can help strengthen the pipeline for filling key leadership roles in smaller legacy cities’ civic sector.

Engage Students ➔
A key component of strong civic capacity is a robust pipeline for new talent.

Seek Supplemental Capacity ➔
Sometimes, resources from outside of a community can help to build local capacity for the long-term.

Neighborhood Improvement Projects ➔
Empowering residents is an important aspect of building strong civic capacity.

Self-Interest ➔
Concepts from the field of community organizing can be useful for leaders hoping to build momentum to make change in their communities.

Asset-Based Community Development Institute ➔
Asset-based community development (ABCD) is a model for community empowerment and change that is focused on building and leveraging capacity in disinvested neighborhoods.

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Civic Capacity Roundtable Key Findings ➔
Key-Learnings on Civic Capacity from a Roundtable of Experts and Practitioners

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