Distressed neighborhoods require interventions to address their systemic challenges.

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Cities must prevent further declines in distressed neighborhoods and encourage reinvestment in order to rebuild local housing markets. City governments, community development corporations, and their partners should act methodically and use data to help make decisions about where to deploy resources.

Local Food, Local Places ➔
The EPA developed this toolkit to help communities interested in using local foods to support downtown and neighborhood revitalization.

Data-Driven Approaches to Strengthening Neighborhoods ➔
The abundance of data now available allows cities to make strategic decisions on how best to deploy resources to stabilize and revitalize their neighborhoods.

National Community  Land Trust Network: Tools and Resources ➔
The community land trust model is effective and innovative, but can be hard to implement.

Building American Cities Toolkit™ ➔
A living resource on how to improve a city’s built environment and bring about equitable revitalization. 

Grounded Solutions Network: Start-up CLT Hub ➔
This web toolkit provides individuals with all the resources they need to create a successful Community Land Trust.

Land Banks ➔
Land banks are governmental entities that acquire vacant, abandoned, and tax delinquent properties to return them to productive use and stabilize distressed markets.

Community Land Trusts ➔
Community land trusts are private, non-profit corporations that provide communities with safe, affordable housing for the long-term.

Community Gardens/Urban Agriculture ➔
Community gardens promote healthy communities, provide food security for low-income individuals, and address the issue of vacant land. 

Neighborhood Improvement Projects ➔
Empowering residents is an important aspect of building strong civic capacity.

Center for Community Progress ➔
The Center for Community Progress is a non-profit organization with a wealth of information on addressing vacant, abandoned, and deteriorated properties.

Partnerships between Land Banks and Community Land Trusts ➔
Land banks have a disposition problem. Land trusts have an acquisition problem.

Land Lines: Community Land Trusts ➔
This article reports on a roundtable on the community land trust model and related research needs.

Resident and Community Engagement in Community Land Trusts➔
This report investigated the engagement practices of six successful Community Land Trusts.

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